Work Mates

Work Mates

Release date: August 2013

A single limited edition print of 50 copies only

Image size: 12 inches x 16 inches

Published price: £100.00 + VAT

Raring to go, these two farm hands anxiously await their master, ready for whatever the day brings. The vintage work horse, a Ferguson 35, is nearly as dear to him as the two characters sitting eagerly aboard. It’s a misty start but the forecast is for sunshine later.

Inspired by a single photo snapped on a mobile phone, this portrait of Pic (The Jack Russell) and Nell (the Sprocker) just shouted out to be printed.

Although I rarely publish images of mixed breeds, the cementing element of the old Fergie was the decider for me. I haven’t published anything with a tractor before. Maybe I’ve been missing something? Furthermore, Nell is a Sprocker - a Cocker/Springer cross - and this Spaniel mix is becoming quite popular amongst farmers and sporting folk alike.

If nothing else, I think it’s a very pleasing image. I hope you agree.