Dear customer

Here we are in March and Spring is just round the corner. Where does the time go to.

I have several things to tell you about. Two brand new works plus four A/P images from my Artko collection. Also a new series of  wildlife images for Haddon Galleries

The two new works exclusively for Nigel Hemming Editions are both homage's to images that I painted back in my Washington Green days. Ever Ready is based on a work titled ‘Anticipation’ first published back in the early nineteen-nineties. I had recently completed an image for Artko called ‘Walkie’ and I liked the dog so much it inspired me to go on and paint a more complete, narrative image, Ever Ready.

Last Summer I lost an old and very dear friend, Mary Cook. The background for Ever Ready is set in Mary’s cottage in South-West Scotland so I’ve dedicated it to her memory.

Euro Trash may remind those of you who know my work of an image I had published by Washington Green in about nineteen-ninety six, called ‘It Could Have Been You’. It featured a young Lab Pup looking guilty having chewed up the current lottery ticket. Euro Trash shows a Lab pup again, only this time it’s a Euro Lottery ticket that’s been destroyed. I’ve also made the work a more focused piece - a close up of the guilty party.

I wasn’t sure how to categorise these new works but finally decided that I would place them in the Contemporary section. They are both more traditional narrative works, but I feel their style gives them a contemporary feel.

There are also four new A/P editions available in the Artko section. I’ve already mentioned ‘Walkie’ but have a look at all four and let me know what you think. You may have noticed that I’ve given Artko its own section now. It seemed appropriate as it’s an on-going relationship.

And finally, you will see that my continuing relationship with Haddon Galleries has born more fruit. Two new works - an Otter and a Fox, - with two more in the pipeline, a Badger and a Hare. It’s great to be painting wildlife again.

I hope you are finding the Nigel Hemming Editions web site useful. Don’t forget I have included a contact link on the Home Page so if you feel the need or have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can also email me by clicking on the link below. I’m always happy to hear from you.


With my very best wishes

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